Roman Blinds have clean lines; they hang level and create neat, horizontal folds. It is, therefore, essential to select a fabric which will enable these crisp lines to form. A way to do that is to choose a fabric with a tight weave.
What is a tight weave?
A fabric with a tight weave is usually made of 100% cotton or is a cotton blend. If a fabric is tightly woven, it will have less stretch. To test the stretch of a fabric, give the fabric a slight pull on the bias (diagonally). To achieve clean lines required for a Roman Blinds, a tight weave or non-stretchy fabric is ideal.
Stripes give a wow factor!
Roman Blinds concertina up into folds. Vertical stripes will match up as the blind folds to give a fabulous wow effect. Perfect for us perfectionists!
Beware of large designs
Smaller blinds may not be able to cope with larger patterns. Geometric designs are very popular at present. These work well for Roman Blinds.
Consider your budget
Curtains use a lot of fabric due to the gather and hems. In contrast, blinds use a relatively small amount of fabric, as it is flat. This may enable you to splash out on a higher end fabric.
Fabric choice when learning
At all our Roman Blind Workshops we use cotton fabric with little stretch. This makes it as easy as possible to achieve the desired finished product.